Quinoa Seed

The bravest seed on the continent—our Golden Quinoa was among the first varieties to grow successfully on the Canadian prairies. Today, our beloved seed is available in reliable abundance. Prepare your taste buds; this is the highest quality quinoa available.

Golden Quinoa, Red Quinoa, White Quinoa, Black Quinoa, TriColor, Custom Blends

Distinctively nutty and sweet flavor. A higher amylopectin starch profile delivers a satisfying texture.

Our Method
Selective breeding, the natural way.

Quinoa salads, protein bowls, nutritional bars, snacks (chips), soups, meat-alternative patties and many more.

NorQuin Quinoa has the following features:

Vitamins and minerals icon

Trace vitamins and minerals

Amino acid icon

Contains all nine essential amino acids

Glycemic index icon

Low glycemic index relative to rice, wheat, and other grains

Gluten free icon

gluten free

kosher certified icon


Non-GMO icon

Non-GMO Project Verified

Traceable to the field icon

to the field




For nutritional specs and more case studies on how our quinoa is being used Click Here

Ready to make something amazing?

We drive creativity by developing innovative ingredients for your products. We know that your customers are constantly on the hunt for cleaner, healthier options. Chances are, we already produce quinoa in a format that’s tailored to your needs.