What is Quinoa?

Quinoa (keen-wa), one of the world's most perfect foods, has been consumed for thousands of years in South America. Its small nutritious seeds resemble millet and is very versatile to a variety of cooking styles, inviting seasonings from mild to wild.


Quinoa seeds are naturally coated with a bitter-tasting saponin that protects it from birds and insects. Northern Quinoa Corporation has developed a process to remove this coating making its quinoa pan-ready and fast cooking, This saves the end user from the extensive process of having to wash and rinse the seed.

Quinoa flour, ground from whole seeds, has a delicate nutty flavour. A gluten-free product, it is suitable for anyone afflicted by wheat allergies.

Quinoa can be enjoyed as a hot breakfast cereal; an infant cereal; a rice replacement; a nutritional thickener for soups, chilli and stew; in salads, casseroles and desserts; and more.


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