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Due to the overwhelming amount of interest, our contracts for the upcoming growing season are now FULL.


If you are interested in growing Quinoa in the future, please complete an application below to join our mailing list.

 Please Note: At this time we are not actively contracting Organic Quinoa acres

To become a quinoa producer follow these steps:

1)  Read the article below to learn more about quinoa production contracts, our company and general agronomic questions.

2) Fill out application at the bottom of the page; please carefully read the application before applying

3)  After your application is reviewed; A Northern Quinoa Farm Services Rep will be in touch with you to walk you through the process and next steps!

*Please note:  Northern Quinoa producers who sign total production contracts with the company will be granted the right to use our registered variety, NQ94PT Quinoa Seed (PBR granted August 12, 2014).  This variety of quinoa seed is proprietary to Northern Quinoa. NQ94PT Quinoa seed has been selectively bred and adapted to thrive in the Canadian Prairies by the company over the last two decades. 

Furthermore; Northern Quinoa does not sell any seed without contract. The company reserves the right to follow through with legal action; should any seed be planted for the purpose of propagation if not performed under contract or knowledge and approval of the company.



Applications are reviewed and decisions are made based on the following criteria:  Location, Previous Crop, Previous Residual Chemicals, Land Type, Soil Profile, etc. 

Growers May Not be considered if:

A)  They are following a Small Seeded Crop, such as Canola with the intentions to seed Quinoa.  These are difficult to separate in our cleaning process.

 B) Your Farm Location is in the Southern Prairies.  Quinoa is highly sensitive to different soil types and climatic conditions.

 C)  You have used Herbicides in the past year that have a residual effect in the soils (such as Imazethapyr, Imazamox, Pyrasulfotole, etc). Be sure to list every herbicide used and ask your Farm Services Rep if you’re unsure.

***Please note:  All interested growers who fill out an application may not be contacted.  Additionally, grower contracts are NOT filled on a first come first serve basis: but rather offered to the best suited candidates upon review.****


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Application for Canadian Quinoa Production

Total Production Contract with Northern Quinoa Corporation

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Acres of Quinoa Interested in (min. 50)
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Location of Field
Previous Crop Information: What was grown on each field for each of the prior two years
Year Variety (eg. Canola) Kind (eg. Liberty) Chemicals Used
2nd Previous Year
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