If you are looking for a conventional, competitively priced quinoa to add your current line Northern Quinoa has a variety of bulk packaging options.

Wholesale pallet and full truck load options include:

  • Golden Quinoa available in 10, 25 & 50lb Polyurethane bags or 2000lb Totes
  •  Quick Flakes & Flour available in 10, 25, & 50lb 3 Ply Paper Bags
  •  Crispy Quinoa - Currently only available in 20lb boxes.
  •  Quick Quinoa Powder - Available in 25 or 50lb 3 Ply Paper Bags
  •  Retail packages - Case of 6 - 200 cases per pallet.

Minimum Order starts at 1 pallet or 2000lbs, Shipping available worldwide. Custom pricing and packaging available upon request.

If you are looking for Bulk pricing less than 2000lbs please refer to our online store by clicking here.

Contact us toll free at 1-866-368-9304 or email us your request here
We look forward to hearing from you!

All of our products are manufactured in a Gluten Free Facility and are Certified Kosher by the Kasruth Council of Canada

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