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Organic Canadian Quinoa

Certified Organic Quinoa Grown in the Canadian Prairies.

Our Signature Quinoa Variety is known for its sweet, nutty flavour!  Nutritionally comparable to other varieties, enjoy a locally produced quinoa containing all nine essential acids and a low glycemic index.  Pre-Washed, simply cook and enjoy!

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Add nutty quinoa flavour and superior nutrition to your favourite bread, muffin, cookie, cake or tortilla recipes!


NEW! Crispy Quinoa from Canadian Quinoa!

This product is pre-cooked and ready to eat! You can enjoy it like a breakfast cereal, yogurt, on salads, or add it to your desserts.

Unlike other quinoa puffs, ours contains the germ, making it the ONLY whole grain puff on the market.  Enjoy three times more protein than the competing puff!

Your Local Quinoa Supplier

NorQuin Quinoa Products are quality assured and made from our hand selected quinoa varieties

Bringing all consumers locally grown, sustainably produced and nutrtional quinoa products for over 20 years.




Great When enjoyed like porridge or to add texture and quinoa's nutritional properties to baked goods!  Pre cooked, and ready to eat in two minutes!

About NorQuin

Northern Quinoa Production Corporation (NQPC) is a specialty grain and food processing company headquartered in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Canada. The company was incorporated in 1994, when our founder and a few likeminded business people began growing Quinoa on the Canadian prairies, a feat that was novel to agriculture in Canada at the time.  Since then, we have grown as a company to offer you the most nutritional, quality assured, gluten free quinoa and related products. NQPC is a vertically integrated company, working from field to fork, which offers consumers both a full line of retail products (branded under our NorQuin tradename) and wholesale options.  To read more about our company and find out about growing quinoa, click here!



Our Products

Canadian Golden Quinoa

NorQuin Brand Quinoa Products are made from our proprietary quinoa varieties which have adapted to g…


NorQuin Quick Quinoa Powder

This is a 100% natural supplement that provides nutrients and a balanced and complete protein. Our …


Canadian Black Quinoa

The caviar of the quinoa family. A naturally gluten free, smaller seeded quinoa with a beautiful pre…


Crispy Quinoa from Canadian Golden

NorQuin Brand Quinoa Products are made from our proprietary quinoa varieties which have adapted to g…


Canadian Quick Quinoa Flakes

- Partially cooked Canadian quinoa flakes - Just add boiling water, stir and ready in less than two…


Canadian Golden Quinoa Flour

This is a wonderful and versatile naturally gluten-free flour. NorQuin Golden Quinoa is milled into …


Bulk & Wholesale

Wholesale Interested in Volumes? Wholesale orders require a minimum order of 2000lbs. Poly/Paper Bags, Totes, or custom label orders available on request!

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